History of Mimbres Corredor

Mimbres Corredor is a company dedicate to wicker, making, production and exportation since 1955; we are distributors and suppliers of wicker in our area, in Spain and in foreign countries. Because of this, our experience is a guarantee for our customers, who fully trust on the quality of our goods.

We carefully choose the best materials so that our products are of the highest quality for our foreign import countries, such as, France, Germany, Morocco and The USA among others. Our experience in the wicker exportation and our ample volume of wicker that we export, allow us to load trucks and containers from 5,000 Kg. to 12,000 Kg. to be sent to our customers.

 You will find in our warehouse varieties of wicker such as:

Natural Wicker Dry, natural and with bark.
Green Wicker Fresh, natural and with bark.
Buff Wicker Natural wicker, dried with bark, then boiled, peeled and dried.
White Wicker Natural wicker, recently cut peeled and dried.
Coloured Wicker White wicker painted in various colours, blue, red, Green, yellow and orange.
Woven Wicker Natural woven wicker, dry and with bark, for fences/divides, exterios as well as interior.

Trabajando el mimbre

We pack the Wicker carefully for shipment to our customer in pieces from 1Kg. to 10 Kg., depending upon requests, and tied in 2 or 3 points depending upon its size, thus, we guarantee the shipment without troubles in the wicker packets.

We have also added new wicker products to our goods assortment to offer new alternatives to our customers.  We update our producction systems and we are introducing the new technologies  in order to provide fast, realible and efficient  service for all our products and, of course, with the best market price for you.

We hope that our products will be of your interest and It will be great pleasure to answer your request.